Illuminate Your Path Team

Kelly Yarpezeshkan

     Kelly is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and a pioneer in yoga instruction in the Hudson Valley with over 16 years of practice and teaching She opened one of the first Hot Yoga Studios in Orange County,

     Kelly loves teaching detoxifying and motivational classes to her dedicated students, new students and young athletes from local high schools.

     Kelly is Hudson Valley's only certified Paddle Fitness Instructor, offering paddleboard excursions and SUP Yoga classes on the scenic Hudson River. Along with Yoga and Paddle Boarding, hiking locally and globally, with her 2 dogs, not only inspires Kelly's but grounds her.  Offering guided group hikes to those that are curious and unfamiliar in the mountains brings her great joy!

     Her teaching inspirations come from life's daily work as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

     Kelly believes in a daily yoga practice and Intention setting everyday, even if it’s just sitting and consciously breathing for 10 minutes. Through this discipline she discovers a sense of peace, happiness, and love; more than she could ever imagine possible.

Jane Meyer

     Jane was introduced to Yoga in her early twenties and believes that it saved her life. After College she taught English in South Korea and then went to Thailand to do a ten day fast.  During this ten day fast, she also began to deepen her meditation and yoga practice. The more she emptied her body and mind, her Art became more bright and clear. She began to see rows and rows of fun, funky and fabulous Angels in her meditations, that wanted to be painted & had a story to tell. She has now painted over 26 Angels and given them out all over the world telling their stories, healing hearts and leaving a trail of Angel inspiration. 

     She became a Bikram yoga teacher in 2006 & has been blessed to teach all over the country. 

     Recently Jane has created Paint & Feel a unique event that creates a magical container that encourages people to paint from their heart and not their head. Melting her two passions of yoga and art into one.

Julie Ann Festa

     Julie’s  passion for adventure has been the one true constant of her life.  Fortunately, her profession as an International Flight Attendant has allowed her to fulfill many worldly experiences along with studying Tang Soo Do Martial Arts, performing music, and dedicating herself to her love for yoga. It was through the discipline of martial arts that allowed Julie to tap into her competitive spirit to compete and attain the level of 1st Degree Black Belt.


     However, Julie wanted  to explore a deeper connection with her mind, body, and spirit and found that yoga was the natural bridge between both disciplines that provided this interconnected experience she was so desiring. She began taking yoga classes any chance she could including locations throughout the country and abroad allowing her to draw upon many different styles of yoga and cultures. Julie then went on to earn her 200 hour yoga certification (RYT 200 Kripalu) at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.


     She is enthusiastic to share with others the experience of mindfulness, pranayama, meditation, asanas, and all the benefits that the masterful art of yoga has to offer.