Sweat, Stretch and Detoxify with


Hot Yoga

Remember to Hydrate!

You will sweat more than you have ever sweat in your life!  Drink plenty of water in the hours before your class. (Don NOT chug right before class~you will get a stomach ache. Chugging can be done after class to replenish, coconut water is a great post-class option.  

Bring a towel

Yes you will sweat that much.  (a small hand towel is great or you may want one to put on your mat)

Wear the right clothing

Yoga clothes do not need to be expensive, it is however important to wear form fitting clothing that wont interfere with movement.  Baggy T-shirts and shorts won't cut it.  Tight leggings long or Capri or even tight shorts. fitted tanks or sports bras on top- Men may want to be shirtless, totally acceptable in Hot Yoga.  Tight and breathable clothing is key. 

Do not eat right before class

You may have feelings of nausea or even throw up.  A light snack of fruit is fine.  

Please be on time

Bonus points if you arrive early for check in and set up.

Keep conversation quiet

Students like to meditate before class.  

No cell phones in studio

You carved out the time to be in class, so be in class!

Walk-ins welcome!

Questions about Hot Yoga? 

 If you have a question, or just want to send your feedback from a recent class, I'd be happy to hear from you! 

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