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Skye River Yoga has held a variety of successful events and retreats. 

Elevate & Resonate: A New Year's Eve Yoga Journey with Sound Healing

Kelly & Katarina closed out 2023 through yoga practice and sound bath.
We cleansed and cleared through Asana and pranayama and then took it to another level as Katarina played her Crystal bowls & gong during deep restorative asanas for vibrational sound healing. 

woman playing crystal bowl

Illuminate Your Path Retreat

A full day at Bear Mountain State Park Overlook Lodge with Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, Hiking, Art, Music & Gourmet Food

river mountain

Chackra Activation Workshop

Awaken all of your chakras and radiate your "full-spectrum self"
with Brooke’s Chakra Tune-Up and Vox Lumina Sound Bath with deep
relaxation, energy integration, and sound healing/musical meditation.

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