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Gentle Wave Series

75 minutes

This is an Intro to SUP Yoga. 


Move at a gentle place as you balance the mind & body through meditation, breathing, techniques, and asanas in this Hatha style class.  The class culminates to blissful relaxation on your board, leaving you feeling happy and free!

Nauticle Flow

This is an intermediate SUP Yoga class that includes vinyasa flow, arm balances and inversions.  Develop better balance, strength, coordination and endurance by linking ujayi breath to asanas throught a series of sun salutations in this energizing vinyasa class.  The class culminates to blissful relaxation on the board, leaving you feeling happy and free!

SUP Paddle and Play

120 min

This class is the biggest Paddle for your dollar!!

After getting comfortable on your board, we'll paddle to along the shores of the river, check out wildlife, bask in the sun, practice Sun Salutations and relax on the incredible Hudson with breath taking mountain views.

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person on a paddleboard in river
What to Expect

First, you may be thinking what is SUP Yoga?  SUP, which stands for Standup Paddleboarding, is a water sport that originated in Hawaii and has become increasingly popular around the world, finally making its way to the east coast. Sup Yoga is a combination of just that, stand up paddleboarding and yoga.


Skye River Yoga’s SUP Yoga uses the Hudson River as it’s floating studio. Each class will start on land, with a 10 minute overview of the equipment and paddle techniques to prepare everyone before entering the water. You'll be assisted launching your board into the water, don't worry!

Once the class is all in we will paddle around shallow shores to find some comfort and to get to know the board better. Paddling also acts an effective warm up. When we are warmed up we will anchor down and begin SUP Yoga.

Classes run from 1 hour to 2 hours and incorporate some of your favorite yoga postures such as downward facing dogs, warrior postures and more. 

What to Wear

Anything that you would wear for a typical yoga class will work, as long as you can move freely.


Bathing suits, dri-fit shorts, capris, rash guards, tank tops, biker shorts are all good ideas, especially in hot weather. You will be provided with a Personal Flotation Device (PDF) which is required to be on the board at all times. (If you’re a confident swimmer you can keep the PFD on the board, otherwise the PFD should be worn.)

You may also want to bring:  

  • Hat (A trucker hat is recommended because they float and can attach onto the board’s bungees)

  • Sunglasses (with a strap just in case you fall in!)

  • Water shoes ​

  • Sunscreen

Where to Meet

Riverside Drive is a private road. Continue past the white apartment building, through the fences, until you come to a gray house with a flat roof. Park near the deck.


This is the Skye River Yoga Studio:

8 Riverside Drive, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520


Private & Goup Classes Available!

Send Kelly a message with a few dates that work for you, how many people, and what you are looking for in SUP Yoga

See above class descriptions

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